dj sai vs. keith thompson - thoughts of life [2008] MP3/Flac

dj sai vs. keith thompson - thoughts of life [2008]

Artist :: DJ Sai vs. Keith Thompson
Title :: Thoughts Of Life
Lable :: Waking Monster (WMMDL021)
Style :: Deep | Soulful House
Date Released :: 01.04.2008
Format/Source :: CD Promo
Quality :: CBR 320 kbps | 44,1Hz | Joint-Stereo
Size :: 73,3MB

After the splendid "When I fall" by Lez, Keith Thompson brings us another South African house gem courtesy of DJ Sai titled "Thoughts Of Life", a deeply groovin' track featuring wicked keys that creates an intense, absolutely irresistible feeling which inspired Keith Thompson to write full lyrics takin??™ the track to the next level. Thompson also delivers a deeper, slightly dark reworking of the track (coming your way in vocal, instrumental and dub versions) that are perfect for late night/early morning play.

DJ Sai's Main Mix (Instrumental) (6:39)
DJ Sai vs KDT Vocal Mix (6:39)
Thompsonic Vocal Mix (7:12)
Thompsonic Soweto Dub (4:20)
Thompsonic Instrumental (7:12)