Sound Scape of Shonan Sunset 2008 MP3/Flac

by Freedom Sunset


1. Nica - Summer Time (ft. Reiko)
2. Ring of Method - My Favorite Promenade
3. Pepe California - Freedom
4. DJ Funnel - Sparkle
5. Coffee & Cigarettes Band - Roots N
6. Fusik - Little Sunset Dance (Live Version)
7. Fussy - Ocaso
8. Shiba - Hanadokei
9. Calm - East Wind
10. Freedom Samba Set - Sunsetronication
11. Las Vegas - Reflections
12. Quiet Birth aka Shiba - Home Sweet Home

after doing a little digging i found that Freedom Sunset is a "daytime outdoor party held at the base of Enoshima lighthouse". a whole day of relaxing and enjoying music from many bands, then ending with a sunset.. i wish we had these here!!