Jazz Cafe MP3/Flac

by Alinah Sippz


1. Welcome (Skit) [ft. Magnum Pi, One, Propazha, Atm & John]
2. Sadness at the Next Table
3. One of These Days
4. Cream
5. Laundry Across the Road
6. Bucharest (ft. BelyyMoy Tsirk)
7. No Thanks
8. We Make It Good (Skit) [ft. Compo]
9. Good Memories
10. Smoke Dialogues
11. Distinguishing Features (ft. Propazha)
12. Number on a Napkin
13. On Plate
14. Walls Beloved Block (ft. Propazha)
15. S.I.P.P.S. (ft. BelyyMoy Tsirk & Cutmasta Daz)
16. Empty Tables
17. Last Meeting
18. Pro Tips Do Not Forget

don't let the cute little milk carton fool you. this extremely low key producer from russia brings to us some amazingly good hip hop beats.