iTunes Japan MP3/Flac

Many of you might think it's impossible to get some of the albums I posted because either iTunes doesn't have it, or you can't understand these kinds of sites haha; so you resort to downloading it for free thinking there is no other way..

Well.... you CAN find many of these albums on iTunes Japan, and here is how:

1. You need an iTunes Japan card. Unless you know a friend in Japan, these can be found on eBay, which is where I get mine. You will notice that they're a little more expensive than the standard exchange value, and it doesn't matter because it's worth it. The seller usually sends you the code within hours of purchase!

2. Follow these instructions because I'm too lazy to write my own:

Thanks to whoever made that write-up!! It's very thorough and you really can't mess up.. If you feel uncomfortable using eBay, you can also buy cards from that site as well.

Now.... after having read this, there should be NO excuse to not buy these albums. It may sound hypocritical for me to say that when I have a blog such as this, but my sole purpose is to expand your musical horizons and teach you of new artists out there. I understand that many of us don't have the money to buy tons of music, but we should still support artists we truly like. They have no incentive in making music if all their listeners are downloading it for free, and soon the artists we love will disappear one by one. Keep that in mind ladies and gents!!