Fela Ransome Kuti - Fela Ransome Kuti and His Koola Lobitos (1965) MP3/Flac

In early 1965, just as the West African High-life scene
was becoming rather a drag, and everybody was bored
with it all, the revolutionary sound of
Fela Ransome Kuti & His Koola Lobitos burst upon us.

This fantastic sound now as a permanent place in
West African Music - and is rapidly becoming popular in
other parts of the world.

A strikingly original Musicia, Fela Ransome Kuti was
trained at the Trinity College of Music, London.
From the very first, he was influenced by those
"greats" of the jazz world - Thad Jones and Miles Davis.

He gained much practical Experience doing spare time
"gigs" with London-based jazz-men.

A very talented Musician - Fela's customary instrument
is the trumpet (did you ever doubt it!) but he is also
swinging pianist and rave vocalist. He is also composer
and arranger. A Musicians' Musician in fact.

To maintain his reputation as West Africa's leading
Musician, Fela is continuously experimenting with varying
forms of High-life and other exotic rythmic patterns.
The result of those experiments are evident on all the
numbers of this LP.

Even the old familiar numbers have that new and original
High-life tempo that Fela has made his own.

Many so-called original bands have found fleeting success
on the West African scene - only to fade quickly into
obscurity. Because of his creative talent, his continual
search for new sound and new musical expression, we can be
sure that Fela, and his music, are going to be with us a
very long time indeed.

Benson Idonije
A1. (00:19) - Signature Tune
A2. (05:20) - It's Highlife Time
A3. (03:32) - Lagos Baby
A4. (03:50) - Omuti
A5. (05:16) - Olulufe
A6. (04:54) - Araba's Delight (J.O.Araba)
B1. (04:05) - Wa Dele
B2. (04:12) - Lal Se
B3. (04:41) - Mi O Mo
B4. (04:47) - Obinrin Le
B5. (05:01) - Omo Ejo