Orchestre Stukas,african 360.130, 1979 MP3/Flac

Good evening, tonight's post is one you can't miss. I found this album in

such wonderful condition, it's some 31 years old but spins as new.

I think I made a mistake, the file-tag says 1977, sorry. It is from 1979.

You can change it yourself maybe. Part from the state this LP's in, it's

music is also fantastic, I'm sure you'll agree. Play it loud and dance

your socks off. Orchestre Stukas rocks...


1 Libota

2 Madimbadie

3 Bomatracien

4 Na regretter



Dear visitor, I must apologise for being such a slow responder some-

times. I should open that mailbox way much more often.

My life is just too full at times, do you recognize?..

Btw, yesterday's posting caused a huge peak in

visitors numbers, ha ha, should I use these kind of

covers more often, or would that be cheating ?

What do you think Arnaud ?