'Fats' Waller and his Rhythm - Complete Recordings vol.8,RCA Victor 1974 MP3/Flac

Eversince the first time I laid my ears on it, I was

a fan of the music of Thomas 'Fats' Waller. He sounds

just like he looks on most pictures. Behind the piano, big smile,

eyes balled at the ceiling. Listening to Fats always makes me

instantly happy. Check these 16 songs, volume 8 of his 'Complete

Recordings'. Volume 113 of RCA's series Black & White. This

volume covers songs from 1935 and some sound better than

others. I think this compilation is quite outstanding, get it

and play it with your sunday breakfast.


1 There's going to be the devil to pay

2 There'll be some changes made

3 Sweet Sue

4 Truckin'

5 Sugar blues

6 Georgia rockin' chair

7 Brother seek and ye shall find

8 The girl I left behind me

9 You're so darn charming 1

10 You're so darn charming 2

11 Woe! is me

12 Loafin' time

13 ( Do you intend to put an end to )

- a sweet beginning like this

14 Got a bran' new suit

15 Thief in the night

16 When somebody thinks you're wonderful