Kintweni Sukisa,PathГ© Marconi / EMI 1977,2(C 264-15808) MP3/Flac

Good evening friends of the Global Groove. Did you notice ?

Our counter went over one million visitors today. Somewhere

in the beginning I once lost a counter and started over, so

it is not entirely from scratch but now it's official. Stats say we

have over 10.000 visitors every week and a minor growth is still

visible. Thank you all for being here.

It is a very good day for an other reason aswell.

Today's record fair in Utrecht brought us a big new pile

of old and scratchy African vinyl. Though some remain in

mint condition also. It contains material from several country's

so plenty variety ahead. To start with an album by Kintweni Sukisa.

searching the web I find it must be Congolese but it has some

east African flavour over it. I find it very pleasant, the vocal harmonies

and stacato guitar rifs taste a little benga I think. Well, happy

home coming, stay tuned and consume today's

catch in peace, cheers.


1 Nsongo Nena

2 Monzuma

3 Nzila nzenga

4 Mbenza

5 Mabanza

6 Kuviguila