King Sunny AdГ© and his African Beats - The Message,Sunny Alade Records 1981 MP3/Flac

п»їIf I recall well, many people must be on the look out for

this album. King Sunny AdГ© made quite a few and we've

seen some passing by here. Now here is 'the Message'.

I have no idea whГЎt the message is and I'm not even sure

I want to know. I listen to music sung in Lingala, Swahili,

Wolof or Griot. I really think sometimes that it's probably

better I don't understand every word. I guess it lasts longer,

the lyrics can't get boring this way, that's for sure. During

the first track there's a tiny silence and I could have made

a skipping point but I left it like it was. My message to you,

let music be the force that brings us together,

ain't nothin' beating thГЎt !...


1 Baba orun a mbe o

- Igbala ni mofe

- Oro dugbe dugbe

- Ko s'agbe mo loko

-В Mo beru oruko t'aiye nje

2 Ma j'aiye oni

- Alhaji Bode Osinusi

- Alhaji Rasaq Ogbara