Waitresses - Wasn't Tomorrow Wonderful (1982) MP3/Flac

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01 No Guilt
02 Wise Up
03 Quit
04 It's My Car
05 Wasn't Tomorrow Wonderful
06 I Know What Boys Like
07 Heat Night
08 Redland
09 Pussy Strut
10 Go On
11 Jimmy Tomorrow

This debut album was a unique and fairly important moment in early-'80s new wave, though the band failed to gain momentum from their success and effectively broke up within two years of releasing their first record. Lead singer Patty Donahue's singing ranged from a playful sexiness on the well-known hit "I Know What Boys Like" downlaod this + 1 as mp3 samples to a half-talk, half-yell with shades of post-punk groups like Gang of Four and the Raincoats on "Pussy Strut" and "Go On"...

Preview: Waitresses - It's My Car: