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Static-X is an American metal band from Los Angeles, California, formed in 1994. They are signed to Warner Bros. Records and have released six albums, their most recent being Cult of Static, which was released on March 17, 2009.

Album: Wisconsin Death Trip 1999
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Wisconsin Death Trip is the debut studio album by American industrial metal band Static-X. It was released on March 23, 1999 by Warner Bros. Records. It is the band's most successful record, having sold over 3,000,000 copies Worldwide alone and was certified platinum in 2001.
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01 Static-X - Push It
02 Static-X - I'm With Stupid
03 Static-X - Bled for Days
04 Static-X - Love Dump
05 Static-X - I Am
06 Static-X - Otsegolation
07 Static-X - Stem
08 Static-X - Sweat of the Bud
09 Static-X - Fix
10 Static-X - Wisconsin Death Trip
11 Static-X - The Trance Is the Motion
12 Static-X - December


Album: Machine 2001
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Machine is the second studio album from the American industrial metal band Static-X, released on May 22, 2001 and recorded at Studio 508, in Los Angeles, California. It was the first album to feature Tripp Eisen on the album. Machine when compared to the bands other allbums features a lot more electronics and industrial effects and features more screaming from front man Wayne Static and far less clean singing the vocals featured on Machine are also more distorted. Machine in some ways can be viewed as the bands darkest allbum songs like Permanance Cold and the title track Machine have a darker more intense feel to them.
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01 Static-X - Bien Venidos
02 Static-X - Get to the Gone
03 Static-X - Permanence
04 Static-X - Black and White
05 Static-X - This Is Not
06 Static-X - Otsego Undead
07 Static-X - Cold
08 Static-X - Structural Defect
09 Static-X - ...In a Bag
10 Static-X - Burn to Burn
11 Static-X - Machine
12 Static-X - A Dios Alma Perdida


Album: Shadow Zone 2003
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Shadow Zone is the third album by the band Static-X, released on October 7, 2003. It is the first Static-X album that guitarist Tripp Eisen helped write and record. Nick Oshiro joined after the recording process. It is Static-X's only album without any profane language. Shadow Zone marked a change in direction for the band; a more mainstream, melodic sound was introduced, featuring a lot less screaming and more clean vocals from frontman Wayne Static. His vocal performance on Shadow Zone has been compared to that of Jonathan Davis of Korn. The band would continue with this change in style with their next album Start A War. Also, the screaming featured on Shadow Zone is slightly different when compared to that from past albums; it's a higher-pitched, aggressive scream, rather than the heavier, lower-pitched growls from albums such as Wisconsin Death Trip and Machine. Songs such as "Destroy All", "Monster", and "Otsegolectric" feature a faster, punk-influenced sound. The album sold over 302,000 copies in the United States. Shadow Zone is often regarded as the band's softest studio album.
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01 Static-X - Destroy All
02 Static-X - Control It
03 Static-X - New Pain
04 Static-X - Shadow Zone
05 Static-X - Dead World
06 Static-X - Monster
07 Static-X - The Only
08 Static-X - Kill Your Idols
09 Static-X - All in Wait
10 Static-X - Otsegolectric
11 Static-X - So
12 Static-X - Transmission
13 Static-X - Invincible


Album: Beneath... Between... Beyond... 2004
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Beneath... Between... Beyond... is an album released in 2004 by the band Static-X. It is a compilation of previously unreleased tracks, remixes, cover versions, and the band's original demo tracks. A track with the same title appeared as a bonus track on iTunes version of the band's album "Cannibal", released three years later.
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01 Static-X - Breathe
02 Static-X - Deliver Me
03 Static-X - Anything But This
04 Static-X - S.O.M
05 Static-X - Down
06 Static-X - Head
07 Static-X - So Real
08 Static-X - Crash
09 Static-X - Push It [Jb's Death Trance Mix]
10 Static-X - I'm With Stupid [Paul Barker Remix]
11 Static-X - Burning Inside
12 Static-X - Behind the Wall of Sleep
13 Static-X - Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment
14 Static-X - I Am [Demo Version]
15 Static-X - Love Dump [Demo Version]
16 Static-X - Get to the Gone [Live][Demo Version]
17 Static-X - New Pain [Demo Version]
18 Static-X - Otsegolectric [Demo Version]


Album: Start a War 2005
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Start a War is the fourth Static-X album; it was released in June 2005. A special version was shipped with an additional DVD disc titled X-Rated.
The album marks the return of former guitarist Koichi Fukuda, (although he did not play any guitars on the album, he did help with the programming), the first studio album with drumming provided by Nick Oshiro, and the second and last album that guitarist Tripp Eisen wrote and performed on. The album continues the change in sound found on Shadow Zone but many of the songs featured on Start a War are Heavier and feature a lot more screaming and aggressive lyrics. Songs that best show this are I Want To ~censored~ Break It, The Enemy, and Start a War. The whole tone of the album is more aggressive then Shadow Zone. The song Pieces features a Guitar solo; this is a interesting note because the band did not perform them on past albums,, but on the band's next album named Cannibal guitar solos play a much bigger part on the band's music. Start a War is also the last album to feature one the bands unique Otsego songs. When asked about the album, Wayne Static said - "We wanted to try to recreate the fun spirit of Wisconsin Death Trip; having Koichi back, with his flavor, helped."
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01 Static-X - The Enemy
02 Static-X - I'm the One
03 Static-X - Start a War
04 Static-X - Pieces
05 Static-X - Dirthouse
06 Static-X - Skinnyman
07 Static-X - Just in Case
08 Static-X - Set It Off
09 Static-X - I Want to F***ing Break It
10 Static-X - Night Terrors
11 Static-X - Otsego Amigo
12 Static-X - My Damnation
13 Static-X - Brainfog


Album: Cannibal 2007
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Cannibal is the fifth studio album by Static-X, released on April 3, 2007. This is the first album from the band to contain guitar solos; every song with the exception of "Goat" has one. This is an album of firsts for the band, being the first album without an "otsego" song included (much to the surprise of fans), and the first album to feature the same line-up as the album preceding it. Additionally, it's the first Static-X album since Machine to have three singles released from it. Cannibal features a lot more screaming from front man Wayne Static and has a lot less electronics on the album's songs. The sound on Cannibal is very simular to the sound featured on the bands First two allbums but with far less industrial effects the album is often regarded as the band's heaviest album along with the band's second album Machine.
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01 Static-X - Cannibal
02 Static-X - No Submission
03 Static-X - Behemoth
04 Static-X - Chemical Logic
05 Static-X - Destroyer
06 Static-X - Forty Ways
07 Static-X - Chroma-Matic
08 Static-X - Cuts You Up
09 Static-X - Reptile
10 Static-X - Electric Pulse
11 Static-X - Goat
12 Static-X - Team Hate
13 Static-X - Get Up And Boogie
14 Static-X - I'm The One (Remix)


Album: Cult Of Static 2009
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Cult of Static is the sixth studio album by Static-X, and was released on March 17, 2009. The album's first single "Stingwray" was released and made available on the band's MySpace page on February 17, 2009. The title is a reference to the die-hard fans who have supported the band for so long.[1] Though this will be the first single for this album, one of the songs, "Lunatic," was released on the Punisher: War Zone soundtrack prior to the songs release. The song is based partially on a warrior, similar to the Punisher character, and was re-recorded for the album to feature a guitar solo by Megadeth leader Dave Mustaine. The album was produced by John Travis, who also produced Static-X's previous album Cannibal.Cult Of Static continues the bands use of Guiar solos and the songs feature more samples and electronic sounds then the previous allbum Cannibal.The album has been greated with mostly postive reviews by music critics but fan reaction to the allbum has been more mixed.Stingwray is available on iTunes and on Static-X's myspace. This is also the first Static-X album without a title track, and the second not to have one of the 'Otsego' songs on it.
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01 Static-X - Lunatic (Feat. Dave Mustaine)
02 Static-X - Z28
03 Static-X - Terminal
04 Static-X - Hypure
05 Static-X - Tera-Fied
06 Static-X - Stingwray
07 Static-X - You Am I
08 Static-X - Isolaytore
09 Static-X - Nocturnally
10 Static-X - Skinned
11 Static-X - Grind 2 Halt


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