The Videos - Trickle Trickle MP3/Flac

I've been digging for this record for a while now to tell a little story that goes along with it.

This here record was one of Old Man Mike's favorite records. He told me a story about it once that i will now tell to you.

See he grew up in North Jersey and used to go to this little soda shop joint after school with his pals. I guess they'd buy burgers and what not but they would always play the juke box. I guess it must have been right around when this 45 was released in 1958 that a copy made its way in to the soda shop and Mike would play this 45 over and over and over again day after day for weeks until one day he walked in and went over the the juke box to play his favorite record and to his shock and dismay the record was no longer in the juke box.
slightly agitated at the missing 45 he walked over and asked the owner "what happened to my favorite record?" The owner then reached under the counter handed a then young Old Man Mike that very same 45 from the juke box and then said "Here its yours! Go play this at home!"

The old man still had that very same record in his collection some 50 years later...

This one has seen some wear. Good records most time do as they are played and played again. This isn't the same 45 as spoke about above but Mike did sell this too me and he gave me the story for free.

Thanks Mike! RIP Old pal..."> The Videos - Trickle Trickle