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Full Force rose to prominence in the mid-'80s, writing and producing popular R&B hits for Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam before embarking on a moderately successful solo career that ultimately led them back to production work in the late '90s. The six-man collective -- featuring Paul Anthony, Bowlegged Lou, B-Fine, Baby Gerry, Shy Shy, and Curt-t-t -- originated in Brooklyn, NY, where they originally met up with Steve Salem in the late '70s, a business-savvy individual who functioned as their manager. With a manager in place and plenty of talent between the various group members, Full Force struggled throughout the early '80s to find a label willing to sign them. Eventually they got a break when they wrote and produced fellow Brooklyn group U.T.F.O.'s "Roxanne Roxanne," a rap song that would attain a certain level of fame thanks to a series of answer records. In early 1985, the single peaked at number ten on Billboard's R&B charts, proving a substantial hit for both the rap group and the production team. From there, Full Force moved onto their next major success with Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam, a dance-pop group led by a 16-year-old singer named Lisa Velez. Originally Velez had auditioned for the production team, who then went ahead and recorded "I Wonder if I Take You Home" with her, releasing the single under the moniker Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam With Full Force on an indie New York label, Personal. The song scored success initially overseas before eventually being released by Columbia in the U.S. after getting immense play in New York clubs as an import single. Almost overnight, the song topped Billboard's dance chart and went on to peak at number six on the R&B chart by summer 1985. Thanks to the momentum surrounding the hit single, Full Force signed a deal with Columbia to release solo material. Though they scored some minor R&B hits on their own ("Temporary Love Thing," "Unfaithful So Much," "All in My Mind"), their biggest success continued to be as a production team for Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam ("All Cried Out," "Head to Toe," "Lost in Emotion"). In 1988, Full Force produced James Brown's I'm Real, scoring a substantial hit for the struggling legend with the album's title track, and worked with a number of late-'80s dance-pop stars: Jasmine Guy, Cheryl Pepsii Riley, and Samantha Fox, among others. Throughout the early and mid-'90s, the production team remained relatively quiet before again churning out a number of late-'90s R&B-flavored pop hits with Selena, Backstreet Boys, and LFO, among others. Allmusic by Jason Birchmeier.

Album: Full Force (1985)


01. Alice, I Want You Just For Me!
02. Unselfish Lover
03. Please Stay
04. United
05. Girl If You Take Home
06. The Dream Believer
07. Half A Chance
08. The Man Upstairs
09. Let's Dance Against The Wall


Album: Get Busy 1 Time (1986)


01. Temporary Love Thing
02. Unfaithful
03. Never Had A Lover
04. Old Flames Never Die
05. Child's Play (Part 1)
06. So Much
07. Chain Me To The Night
08. Body Heavenly
09. Love Scene
10. Child's Play (Part 2)


Album: Guess Who's Comin To The Crib (1987)


01. Take Care of Homework
02. Love Is For Suckers Like Me and You
03. All in My Mind
04. 3 O'Clock... School's Out!
05. Child's Play (Part 3)
06. Full Force Git Money
07. Your Love Is So Def
08. Katty Women
09. Low Blow Brenda
10. Black Radio


Album: Smoove (1989)


01. Don't Waste My Time
02. Ain't My Type Of Hype
03. Friends B-4 Lovers
04. All I Wanna Do...
05. 4-U
06. In Like With You
07. It's Been A Long Time
08. Kiss Those Lips
09. Smoove
10. Make Love To My Mind
11. That's How I'm Livin'
12. The Man Upstairs


Album: Don't Sleep (1992)


01. Intro-Lude (Hudlin' Brothers No Snooze Intro)
02. Don't Sleep
03. Nice 'n' Sleazy
04. Quickie
05. If It's Cool Witcha Baby
06. Interlude (Quiet Storm)
07. Your Place Or Mine
08. Physical Commitment
09. Wait Till I Get Home
10. Interlude (2 Points)
11. Go Wit The Flo
12 .Interlude (The Byrd Factor)
13. After All This Time (Ain't It Great To Be Black)
14. Girl
15. Sharon
16. Makin Love On The Dance Floor
17. My Love Is Free
18. Interlude (900-Force Line)
19. God Will Fix It


Album: Sugar on Top (1995)


01. We Love The Girls
02. Can I Get Your Number
03. Sugar On Top
04. Meet Me Half Way
05. House Calls
06. True School
07. Phonesex & Hot Water
08. I Appreciate You
09. Back Together Again
10. Ladies First


Album: Still Standing (2001)


01. The Spittin' Fire (Interlude)
02. Float On
03. I Just Wanna Be With You
04. Float On (Part 2)
05. No Other Love Will Do
06. Kiss It Where It Hurts
07. The Good, The Bad, The Thugly
08. Born To Love Only You
09. Reminisce (Interlude)
10. Alice, I Want You Just For Me
11. Temporary Love Thing
12. Ain't My Type Of Hype
13. Unselfish Lover
14. They Don't Know About Full Force (Interlude)
15. Roxanne, Roxanne
16. I Wonder If I Take You Home


Album: Ahead Of Their Time! Full Force's Greatest Hits (2001)


01. Alice I Want You Just For Me (Extended Version)
02. Let's Dance Against The Wall
03. Ain't My Type Of Hype (1990 House Party Off The Hook Mix)
04. Friends B-4 Lovers
05. Temporary Love Thing
06. All Cried Out (with Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam)
07. Unselfish Lover (Extended Mix)
08. Unfaithful
09. 4U - Full Force's Mellow Medley
10. All In My Mind
11. Love Scene
12. Kiss Those Lips
13. Your Love Is So Def (Full Force Ahead Of Their Time Remix)
14. Please Stay
15. The Man Upstairs


Album: Legendary (2007)


01. Ain't My Type of Hype (House Party Mix)
02. Alice, I Want You Just for Me!
03. Temporary Love Thing
04. YOU! (feat. Diamondz in the Dirt & Svn-up
05. Static - James Brown & Full Force
06. 4-U (Full Force's Mellow Medley)
07. Everyday Is Mother's Day
08. We're Feeling You Oprah (feat. Big Shawn)
09. All Cried Out - Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam with Full Force
10. Friend B-4 Lovers
11. Unselfish Lover
12. Thanks for My Child (The Confrontation Mix) - Cheryl PepsiiRiley with Full Force
13. Water from Stone
14. I Asked for a Miracle (God Gave Me You) - Philip Bailey & Full Force