Music from ZaГЇre - Various Artists,Deram 1978 MP3/Flac

On Deram, a division of Decca West Africa, this Nigerian

release of Congolese music. Quite a combination, and to

complete the story it's been distributed by Rogers All Stars.

This volume 5 brings us 10 fabulous tracks of which we heard

a couple before. It has a few crackles but still

deserves some spinning, enjoy.


1 Roy & Conga Succes - Mama Elisa Mobange

2 African Fiesta 66 - Savon omo

3 Orchestre Negro Succes - Ngai mwana 15 ans

4 Tabu Ley - Aon-aon

5 African Fiesta 66 - Nganda ya diallo

6 Docteur Nico - Biantodi Kasanda

7 African Fiesta 66 - Bana ya lipopo

8 African Fiesta 66 - Likala ya moto

9 Orchestre Los Angel - Rosa Okoluka Nini

10 Orchestre Los Angel - Sentiment Mama Mapasa



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