Desmond Dekker - Black and Dekker,Stiff Records 1980 MP3/Flac

It's friday evening 19.00 hrs. In a hour I shall be going to de Vorstin.

Our brandnew stage, and tonight we'll have Mark Foggo, Ska from

England. I am asked to amuse the crowd with ska before, in between

and after the bands. Hope it will be crowded so I can shake up the place.

To be able to play 'Please don't bend', I made a cd of this album. Loaded

it up for the ska-lovers among you aswel, enjoy Desmond Dekker.

1 Israelites

2 Lickin' stick

3 It mek

4 Please don't bend

5 Many rivers to cross

6 Hippo

7 007

8 Work out

9 Problems

10 Rude boy train

11 Pickney gal

12 Why fight