There's a thread of gruffly (and often hilariously) uncouth sounding post punk rammalama that I tend to associate with early 80's Yugoslavian units like Zabranjeno Pusenje, Lacni Franz and Marjanov Cudni Zajec. It's a musical impulse that also rears it's ungainly head on the fab Austrian V/A-Weiner Blutrausch LP that I recently shared and it's a spirit that is in full flower on this resolutely obscure Italian crew's sole release, which shares with the Weiner Blutrausch comp another key distinction in having one of the more fabulously foul covers to have ever assaulted my eyeballs. It's fair to say that the opening gambit here could set eyes rolling, but stick with this stuff and it'll at least periodically plaster a grin on your face. And for those of you with a weak spot for the truly absurd (intended or not) it's pleasures are decidedly more manifest, as between the hard rock poses, spacey post-prog musical impulses and new wave era quirk mongering, there really is some fairly nutty shit transpiring here that's well worth your efforts to mentally unpack. Thanks go out here to blog friend Chris for coughing up this curio.

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