Augustus Pablo - King Selassie I Calling MP3/Flac

Rockers International 2LPs, 1995

A1) Way Of The World
A2) H.I.M. Golden Harps
A3) Earth Quaker
A4) King Selassie I Calling
A5) Eastwind
B1) Freedom Dance
B2) Fire People Dub
B3) Seven Winds From Zion
B4) Hippy Hop Babylon Pop
B5) Ska Train

C1) Eternal Dub
C2) Ark Of The Covernant
C3) Foutain Of Life
C4) Crystal Dew Drops
C5) Telepatic Blues
C6) Rainbow In The Dark
D1) Missing Link
D2) Home Bound
D3) Revolution In Anzania
D4) Melodies From The Roots
D5) Drums For Redemption

Bass: Ranchie, Danny Thompson & Chris Meredith
Drums: Benbow, Santa & Squidley Cole
Guitar: Chinna
Rhythm Guitar: Danny Thompson & Ranchie
Keyboards: Augustus Pablo
Trumpet: Johnny Moore
Percussion: Skully
Funde: Benbow, Lloyd Hemmings, Skully, Kojo & Harry T
Binghi Drums: Johnny Moore, Skully & Harry T

Produced by: Augustus Pablo
Engineered by: Sylvan Morris, Soljie & Dr. Marshall

Recorded at: Dynamic, Grove, Mixing Lab & Music Works
Edited at: Creative Sounds Studio