In der Grossstadt, 1985 MP3/Flac


Hermann Naehring and Percussion & Strings - Grossstadtkinder (=city kids)

This is a fun thing recorded in nicest late "cold war times" - 1985. If I remember it right that has been the year when I visited West- and East-Berlin for the first time. My memories of the felings I had when entering East Berlin are quite contrary to what I feel now when listening to this record. As I said it's a fun thing. No Volkspolizisten here! Lots of percussion instead, also marimbas, vibraphones, air, cello, violin, freshness, bouzouki, flutes etcetera - you might get an idea what this might sound like, don't you? After rediscovering it lately I've been listening to it again and again for the last weeks. What I had in mind as a one tracker turned out to be a solid album and I hope you'll enjoy it too.
Cheers, Basso

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