Tally-Oh!- Hit the Beast 7'' MP3/Flac

Last but not least, to complete our Halloween trifecta, it's back to Italy for an uber-rare single from 1984.

Strangely enough, there are conflicting reports on this release. While the sleeve clearly says Tally-Ho!, many sources claim that the band's name is, in fact, Tally-Oh! Not sure where the truth lies, but my guess is that someone made a typo on the album sleeve or around the net, or perhaps the band meant for it to be somewhat confusing. Perhaps someone can shed some light on this mystery?

Either way, you can expect some excellent, upbeat, synth and beat driven tunes here. A little jerky and bass-heavy for post-punk heads, but complete with those minimal grooves we all know and love. Definitely a must hear!


Tally-Oh!- Hit the Beast 7''
1. Hit the Beast
2. Transmission

*download it here*