Snap-Her - Queen Bitch Of Rock & Roll (2001) MP3/Flac

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01 Suburban Brats
02 Nice Girls (Don't Play Rock & Roll)
03 I Wanna Beavis You
04 Baby's Got A Gun
05 Halts Maul Du Fotze
06 Sex Change
07 Gato Feo
08 She's A Motorhead
09 Alien Bitch From Outer Space
10 Golden Cocktail
11 Hogs Of The Road
12 Criminal Mind
13 Conformist Cunt
14 Drama Queen
15 Feed Me
16 Monkey See Monkey Do
17 La Cucaracha

Snap-Her is blatantly punk in a way that is entirely honest, brazenly rude and classic. The music is about sex as in fucking and attitude as in "fuck you." Snap-her ups the ante further by retaining a sense of melody in their distorted guitar punk. Added to it the female vocals and harmonies and you have one of the best new punk releases. There are easily detectable influences from Joan Jett and The New York Dolls. Double-quick delivery, cool breaks and a sense of timing all contribute to this album's success...

Preview: Snap-Her - Hogs Of The Road: