Orchestre le Peuple, Trio Ce Pa Kos,PathГ© Marconi / EMI 1977 MP3/Flac


It is Kosmos Moutouari week I guess at the GG. After Orchestre

Sinza and Les Bantous de la Capitale, today an album by Orchestre

le Peuple and Trio Ce Pa Kos. Back in 1972, Kouka Celestin, Bemba

Pamelo Mounk'a and Kosmos Moutouari left Les Bantous de la Capitale.

It took the musical pioneers one year to settle and get their show on the

road. On august 4 of 1973 they presented l'Orchestre le Peuple and Trio

Ce Pa Kos and scored huge succes with the people of Brazzaville.

Great idea to display panther and piano at the albums sleeve, shame

some record stores didn't have enough respect for a nice cover. I tried to

remove that ugly sticker but the only options I had were to destroy the

sleeve or to leave the sticker. I left it so you can see who ruined it.

Anyway, enjoy the nice music !


1 Patchi manga

2 Veve na linga

3 Pepe mwana ma Louisa

4 Evy nana

5 Kouka badia n'tseke

6 Caprices

7 Tosaka mateya