Les Grands Succes des Editions VГ©vГ© Vol.9,Direction Verckys, Sonafric 1978 MP3/Flac

You lucky bastards, today's post concerns an album, what

can I say ? It is so marvelous, we don't find them like this

every day. I posted volume 1 and 5 of 'Les Grands Editions

VГ©vГ©' already, now vol.9 follows. It starts off with the great Nyboma

with his Orchestre Kamale and then Verckys himself takes over.

Far before track #3 I was captured completely, true fireworks.


1 Orchestre Kamale - Andoya 1&2

2 Orchestre VГ©vГ© - Bilobela 1&2

3 Orchestre Kamale - Assana muana mawa 1&2

4 Orchestre Kamale - Olela 1&2