SpecialsChrysalis 1979 MP3/Flac


By the end of the seventies, the UK punk-movement came slowly

to an end and new fields of music were explored. The Specials were

one of the first bands to play Ska. 2-tone is what they called the English

ska-movement. Black and White clothes were very popular and groups like

the Specials, Madness and the Beat were super hot those days.

You were not expecting a record like this at the GG but I am making this

exception for a reason. My dear friend and computer engineer Yvan did

a hell of a job re-uploading hundreds of files. I am very happy to announce

we said goodbeye to Rapidshare and moved all our files to Mediafire.

Yvan deserves a big big thank you and I decided to dedicate a post

to him. His request was for some punky ska and what LP serves this

purpose better than this one ? I wouldn't know seriously. Something

quite different for a change, I hope you can dig, enjoy the Specials,

Produced by Elvis Costello and with participation of Rico Rodriguez.


1 A message to you Rudy

2 Do the dog

3 Gangsters

4 It's up to you

5 Nite klub

6 Doesn't make it alright

7 Concrete jungle

8 Too hot

9 Monkey man

10 ( Dawning of a ) New era

11 Blank expression

12 Stupid marriage

13 Too much too young

14 Little bitch

15 You're wondering now