Ashtrays - Album, Singletracks & Demos (1965-69) MP3/Flac

altThe Ashtrays were a danish band from Humlebæk. Their only album "Ga Go Gu" from 1968 was one of the few psychedelic releases that came out of Denmark. In 2002 the album was re-issued on CD (Frost Records 0706) together with their lone single and some demo and live tracks. Dag Erik Asbjørnsen described it in his book "Scented Gardens Of The Mind" as a "very obscure Danish flower-power with a swingin' London feel comparable to Skip Bifferty and Rainbow Ffolly". While I wouldn't go thus far I must admit that they had some fine songs. A bit of a turn-off is the weak production but the patient listener will go along with "Simon Smorney", "In My Life" (NOT the Beatles song), "Come And Stay" and "You Bring Me The Sunshine".

- Get yourself together
- My back pages
- Simon Smorney
- In my life
- Discotheque girl
- Intermezzo
- Come and stay
- You and I
- Feels of loneliness
- Signs of vision
- Ticking
- You bring me the sunshine
- I don't want to hurt you
- Say you'll be mine
- Depression
- Friday kind of Monday
- Simon Slante [demo]
- Du driller mig [demo]
- You and I [demo]
- Feels of loneliness [demo]
- Gruppesnak
- I don't want to hurt you [demo]
- Rag doll [live]
- I'm so happy [live]
- Bloodhound [live]
- Mashed potatoes

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