Santana - LIive At The Fillmore San Francisco (2010) [DVD5] MP3/Flac

Santana - LIive At The Fillmore San Francisco (2010) [DVD5]

DVD-5 | NTSC(720x480)16:9 | English (Dolby AC3, 2 ch) | 1:34:14 min. | 4.39 Gb (+5%)
Genre: Rock | Label: Woodstock Tapes | DVD Release Date: 2010

Santana - LIive At The Fillmore San Francisco (2010) [DVD5]
Santana - LIive At The Fillmore San Francisco (2010) [DVD5]
Santana - LIive At The Fillmore San Francisco (2010) [DVD5]

“ Nobody would be arrested for calling Carlos Santana the "Guru of the Singing Guitar Riff" or the "King of Popular World Music". Thanks mainly to the outstanding quality of their leader, Santana the band has so far been able to withstand any attempt at pigeonholing their musical style, an elaborate fusion of blues, soul, hard rock, Latin American and Afro-Cuban sounds, gypsy, jazz, and folk. Not even the confines of a four-minute single will suffice to scale down Santana's magic. Over 40 million records sold, more than 100 live shows per year, concerts attended by a total of over 20 million people - Santana is an untiring laborer driven by an enormous spiritual energy. For over thirty years he's been delivering his message to the world: We Are All One. "Everybody gets wet when it rains, from the prostitute to the pope. My music strives to communicate that message of unity." Utmost virtuosity, a spot-on feeling for taste, and an infallible instinct for brilliant songs lend Santana's live shows the highest entertainment factor imaginable.Carlos Santana (g, voc), Tommy Anthony (rhythm g), Chester Thompson (kb), Benny Rietfeld (b), Karl Perazzo (timbales, voc), Paul Rekow (con), Tony Lindsay & Andy Vargas (lead voc), Jeff Cressman (tb), Bill Ortiz (tp), Dennis Chambers (dr) Jingo -- Life Is For Living -- Curacion (Sunlight On Water) -- El Farol -- Shape Shifter -- Right On -- Umi Says -- Smooth -- Novus -- I Love You Too Much -- Somewhere In Heaven -- I Believe It's Time -- Superstition -- Serpents And Doves -- Maria Maria -- Praise -- Into The Night recorded live at The Fillmore, San Francisco, May 20 & 21, 2008

Track List:

1. Jingo
2. Life Is For Living
3. Curacion (Sunlight On Water)
4. El Farol
5. Shape Shifter
6. Right On
7. Umi Says
8. Smooth
9. Novus
10. I Love You Too Much
11. Somewhere In Heaven
12. I Believe It's Time
13. Superstition
14. Serpents And Doves
15. Maria Maria
16. Praise
17. Into The Night

Line up:

Carlos Santana - lead guitar, vocals
Tommy Anthony - rhythm guitar
Chester Thompson - keyboards, organ
Benny Ritvield - bass
Karl Perazzo - timbles, percussion, vocals
Raul Rekow - congas
Tony Lindsay & Andy Vargas - vocals
Jeff Cressman - trombone
Bill Ortiz - trumpet
Dennis Chambers - drums