Lita Ford - The Complete Video Collection MP3/Flac

aLita Ford - The Complete Video Collection

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Language: English | Year: 1989 | Runtime: 53min | Size: 745MiB
Genre: Metal, Rock

Lita Ford - The Complete Video Collection

Lita Ford - The Complete Video Collection

As guitarist in The Runaways Lita Ford provided the perfect foil for the vocal stylings of singer Joan Jett.
When the band parted ways, Lita struck out alone with a solo career that saw her scale the charts with hits such as "Kiss Me Deadly,"
and the Ozzy Osbourne duet "Close My Eyes Forever." This compilation proves that Lita still knows how to tear up a stage, laying waste
to male metal guitar slingers everywhere with her punishing riffs and vocal harmonies. A selection of music videos are also included,
highlighting the big hair and shoulder pads era of the 80s hard rock scene. Tracks include "Hit and Run," "Broken Dreams," "Dancing On The Edge,"
and of course "Kiss Me Deadly."

Cast: Lita Ford, Steve Fister, Martin Gerschwitz, Tommy Caradonna, Charlie Dalba, Ozzy Osbourne.
1)Kiss Me Deadly (music video)
2)Dancing on the Edge (live)
3)Broken Dreams (live)
4)Can't Catch Me (live)
5)Hit And Run (live)
6)Fatal Passion (live)
7)Falling in And Out of Love (live)
8)Kiss Me Deadly (live)
9)Close My Eyes Forever duet with Ozzy Osbourne (music video)
10)Back to the Cave (music video)