Les Bantous de la Capitale - Marie Jeanne,Sonafric 1976 MP3/Flac


Some time ago we had an LP by Orchestre Sossa. The brothers Pierre

and Michel Moutouari played in it. Before that they were members of

Orchestre Sinza Kotoko with their other brother, Kosmos Moutouari.

On this album by Les Bantous de la Capitale we hear him perform.

But the main man here was Samba Mascot who wrote most of the

numbers in 1976 for this great band. Enjoy Les Bantous de la Capitale.


1 Marie Jeanne 1

2 Marie Jeanne 2

3 Farce

4 Loin du Congo

5 Even

6 Joseline

7 Bana avenir na ngai

8 Nsambi ya sisa ba mbuta

9 Ofnacom