Super Eurobeat 089 Lossless MP3/Flac

Super Eurobeat 089

Super Eurobeat 089 Lossless

Label:Avex Trax
Format:CD, Compilation
CD, Mini, Limited Edition
Released:24 Jun 1998
Style:Italo-Disco, Hi NRG

Disc 1:

1.Dave Rodgers - Kingdom Of Rock
2.Frank Torpedo - Da Ya Think I'm Supersexy
3.Lolita - Romeo & Juliet
4.Alexis - Love's Theme
5.Casanova - Just For Tonight
6.Dave Simon - Feel Ya Power
7.Suzan Bell - Till The Mornin' Lite
8.Go Go Girls - Spies In The Space
9.Anika - Super Super Love
10.Vicky Vale - One Two Three (To The Moon And Back)
11.Robert Patton - Hot Love Games
12.Denise - Eternity
13.Mega NRG Man - Fire Fire
14.Drama - Keep My Heart From You
15.Max Galles - Pioneer Of Love
16.Valentina - Don't Leave Me This Way
17.Niko - We Came For The Rock
18.Victoria - Stay

Disc 2: Bonus Disc Super Remix Collection Part 9 - Euro Classix Special Edition

1.King & Queen - He-Hey Dancin' (T.Y.M. Re-Mix)
2.Linda Ross - Loving Honey (Red Monster Mix)
3.Mike Hammer - Heart Breaker ("B" Re-Mix)