Super Eurobeat 108 Non-Stop Megamix Lossless MP3/Flac

Super Eurobeat 108 Non-Stop Megamix

Super Eurobeat 108 Non-Stop Megamix Lossless

Label:Avex Trax
Format:CD, Compilation, Mixed
Released:31 May 2000
Style:Hi NRG, Italodance

1.Dave & Domino - I Believe In You
2.Dr. Love Feat. D.Essex - Max Power
3.Dave Rodgers - We Wanna Rock
4.Mega NRG Man - I Can Be Your Dee Jay
5.Lolita - Hurry Man
6.Denise - Telephone! Telephone!
7.Kevin Johnson - I Love You
8.Triumph - Baby Revolution
9.Robert Patton - Millennium
10.Za-Za - It's Only Love
11.Happy Hour - Give Me Heart & Soul
12.Domino - To Say To Do To Kiss
13.Sara - If You Stay
14.Pizza Girl - My Superman
15.J. Storm - I Wanna Be Your Rainbow
16.Mad Max Feat. Denise - Radio
17.The Spiders From Mars - Fly To Me To The Moon & Back
18.Karina - Sunshine Dance
19.Helena - Love Is My Paradise
20.Claire Deny - Give Me Your Love
21.Mr. M - Superwoman
22.Atrium - Fire Fire Fire
23.Virginelle - Fly Wherever You Go
24.Lolita - Dreamin' Of You
25.King & Queen - Night Flight To Venus
26.Go Go Girls - Go Go Dance