Super Eurobeat 141 Lossless MP3/Flac

Super Eurobeat 141

Super Eurobeat 141 Lossless

Label:Avex Trax
Format:CD, Compilation
Released:18 Sep 2003

1.Dusty - The Fire And The Rain
2.Lolita - Kiss 2 Kiss
3.Morris - Bad Tonight
4.Susy Wender - Runaway
5.T.I.M.E. - Another One Bites The Dust
6.Nikita Jr. - WWW iLoveU
7.D.Essex - Master Power
8.Go Go Girls - Hot For Your Body
9.Cherry - Sha La La
10.Mad Cow And The Royal Eurobeat Orchestra Of Bazookistan Feat. The Supertroyka Girls - I Want Your Balalaika
11.Vanessa - If One More Day
12.Manuel - I've Got To Go
13.Leslie Parrish - I Say No
14.Ace - Welcome To The Real World
15.Denise - Gimme Gimme Love
16.A-Beat Boys - We'll Stop The Time
17.Annie - To The Stars
18.Jimmy Bravo - Queen Of Fire