Compilation: "Rituals for the Stoned: A Stoner Rock Compilation by Psymin" MP3/Flac

Here's a compilation made for this site by heavy rock guru Psymin who sometimes drops by the Sludge Swamp to drop his 2 cents in. Now we're all fortunate enough to have him drop by Ritual Room as well with a ripping compilation he titled "Rituals for the Stoned". (I made the cover art... I'd say it's some of my finer work.)

Anyways, I asked Psymin to create this compilation after talking stoner rock genres with him and feeling like a newcomer to a musical style I've been up on for years about 5 minutes in. So give this a download if you're into this kind of thing - you aren't likely to find anything better... or anyone better to lead you into the genre. So sit back and relax, he knows what he's doing.

1. Fluid4 - Medusa Queen
2. Greenhouse Effect - The Mayor
3. Hanging Tree - Free Ride
4. I Are Droid - Before the Fall
5. Kinch - Huca (El Hombre Rojo)
6. Lions - Can You Hear Me?
7. Lo Pan - Dragline
8. Lowrider - The Gnome, The Serpent, The Sun
9. Madking Ludwig - Alone with Us
10. Palm Desert - 10,000 Miles
11. Skua - The Lotions
12. Taliban Airways - Tsunami Surfer
13. Truckfighters/Firestone - Megalomania
14. Vincent's Ear - Guido Bombed Cienega
15. Wrench - Aloha Mama