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Perhaps the lone artist who got her start on The Gong Show and remained credible, Cheryl Lynn's searing, often captivating voice and great range were showcased on some marvelous dance hits in the late '70s and early '80s. She signed with Columbia in 1978, and her debut LP Cheryl Lynn featured the anthem "Got To Be Real," which topped the R&B charts and reached number 12 pop. The follow-up, "Star Love," was a Top 20 R&B hit, and Lynn kept things going with "Shake It Up Tonight" in 1981, another Top 10 R&B smash. She teamed brillantly with Luther Vandross for a remake of "If This World Were Mine" in 1982, yet another Top 10 hit, and then Lynn topped the R&B charts in 1983 with "Encore." She stayed on Columbia until 1987, then moved to Manhattan, where the 1987 single "If You Were Mine" made it to number 11. She also did background vocals with Lenny Williams.

Album: Cheryl Lynn (1978)


01. Got To Be Real
02. All My Lovin'
03. Star Love
04. Come In From The Rain
05. You Saved My Day
06. Give My Love To You
07. Nothing You Say
08. You're The One
09. Daybreak (Storybook Children)

Album: In Love (1980)


01. I've Got Faith In You
02. Hide It Away
03. Feel It
04. In Love
05. Keep It Hot
06. I've Got Just What You Need
07. Love Bomb
08. Chances
09 Don't Let It Fade Away

Album: In The Night (1981)


01. Shake It Up Tonight
02. Show You How
03. In The Night
04. Hurry Home
05. I'm On Fire
06. With Love On Our Side
07. If You'll Be True To Me
08. What's On Your Mind
09. Baby

Album: Instant Love (1982)


01. Instant Love
02. Sleep Walkin'
03. Day After Day
04. Look Before You Leap
05. Say You'll Be Mine
06. I Just Wanna Be Your Fantasy
07. Believe In Me
08. If This World Were Mine

Album: Preppie (1984)


01. Encore
02. Fix It
03. Fool A Fool
04. This Time
05. Change The Channel
06. Preppie
07. Love Rush
08. No One Else Will Do
09. Free
10. Life's Too Short

Album: It's Gonna Be Right (1985)


01. Fidelity
02. Fade To Black
03. Love's Been Here Before
04. It's Gonna Be Right
05. Let Me Love You
06. Find Somebody New
07. Loafin'
08. Slipped Me A Mickey
09. Tug 'O' War

Album: Start Over (1987)


01. New Dress
02. Don't Bury Me
03. Start Over
04. No Curfew
05. If You Were Mine
06. Just Another Pretty Face
07. Everyday
08. Married Man
09. Don't Run Away

Album: Whatever It Takes (1989)


01 Upset
02 Everytime I Try To Say Goodbye
03 Whatever It Takes
04 You're So Good For Me
05 Overworked 'N' Underloved
06 Surrender
07 Most Of All
08 The Bottom Line

Album: Got to Be Real: The Best Of (1996)


01. Got To Be Real
02. Give My Love To You
03. All My Lovin'
04. Star Love (Disco Version)
05. Shake It Up Tonight
06. I've Got Just What You Need
07. I've Got Faith In You
08. Keep It Hot
09. Day After Day
10. Sleep Walkin'
11. Believe In Me
12. If This World Were Mine (Duet With Luther Vandross)
13. Encore (Single Version)
14. It's Gonna Be Right
15. Georgy Porgy (Disco Version) (Toto Featuring Cherly Lynn)