King Onyina - Original Evergreen Tunes vol. 1,Decca , Happy Bird MP3/Flac


Speaking about digging up old stuff, this rare piece of

Ghana highlife was brought to me by a friend. He travels

the world to find these treasures. First record I heard by

King Onyina, born Kwabena Onyina. His father used to have

a guitar and when he died and left it to Kwabena at the age of 13,

young King Onyina decided to make a living out of the instrument.

I have read somewhere on the web King Onyina passed away some 5

months ago. Let's pay him respect in playing his music, listen.



1 Akoko aye bi agu

2 Onyame tie me su fre

3 Bebrebe ye musuo

4 Odo ye wu

5 Kate

6 Nya asem hwe

7 Me nuame mefre wo a

8 Destiny of Africa

9 Mebewu asei kwa

10 Aboa a onni dua

11 Ma ye ankonam mmobro

12 Ohia asoma wo

13 Sore befe mano

14 Dora nante yie