Oliver de Coque and his Expo '76 - Udoka Social Club of Nigeria,Olumo 1981 MP3/Flac


It's been a while since we had us some Nigerian highlife. It

has also been a while since we had us an album by the

excentric Oliver de Coque. He always looks quite special,

original, like no other. This 1981 LP sounds as good as it

was recorded yesterday, fresh rhythms and guitars and

of course Oliver de Coque's special way of chanting. Oliver

Sunday Akanite is his real name but if you would call him; Oliver

de Coke, Oliver de Fanta, Messiah of Ogene, Oliver de Identity

or Oliver de Coque, he is all. Enjoy Udoka Social Club of Nigeria.



1 Udoka social club of Nigeria

- Udoka enyi

2 Akalaka

- Ndidi bu ije enuwa


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