George Strait - Discography (1981-2015) MP3/Flac

George Strait - Discography (1981-2015)
Strait Country(1981) 192 kbps
Strait From The Heart(1982) 192 kbps
Right Or Wrong(1983) 192 kbps
Does Fort Worth Ever Cross Your Mind(1984) 192 kbps
Something Special(1985) 192 kbps
#7(1986) 192 kbps
Ocean Front Property(1987) 256 kbps
If You Ain't Lovin' You Ain't Livin'(1988) 192 kbps
Beyond The Blue Neon(1989) 192 kbps
Livin' It Up(1990) 192 kbps
Chill Of An Early Fall(1991) 192 kbps
Holding My Own(1992) 192 kbps
Pure Country(Soundtrack)(1992) 192 kbps
Easy Come, Easy Go(1993) 192 kbps
Lead On(1994) 256-320 kbps
Blue Clear Sky(1996) 160-320 kbps
Carrying Your Love With Me(1997) 192 kbps
One Step At A Time(1998) 192 kbps
Always Never The Same(1999) 192 kbps
George Strait(2000) 320 kbps
The Road Less Traveled(2001) 128-256 kbps
Honkytonkville(2003) 192 kbps
Somewhere Down in Texas(2005) 256 kbps
It Just Comes Natural(2006) 320 kbps
Troubadour(2008)(Purecountry) 256-320 kbps

Compilations&Speciality albums:

George Strait - Whiskey River, Houston, TX (1980) 192 kbps
Strait From The Heart(1982) 192kbps
Greatest Hits(1985) 192 kbps
Merry Christmas Strait To You(1986) 256-320 kbps
Ten Strait Hits Vol. 2(1987) 320 kbps
Ten Strait Hits(1991) 192 kbps
Strait Out Of The Box(1995)(4 CD) 192 kbps
Merry Christmas Wherever You Are(1999) 224-320 kbps
Latest Greatest Straitest Hits(2000) 192 kbps
20th Century Masters(2002) 128 kbps
For The Last Time-Live From The Astrodome(2003) 160 kbps
50 Number Ones(2004)(2 CD) 192 kbps
Chronicles(2005) 128 kbps
22 More Hits(2007) 320 kbps
Alan Jackson, George Strait, And Jimmy Buffet-Live At Texas Stadium(2007) 192 kbps

George Strait - Cold Beer Conversation - 2015, MP3, 320 kbps
George Strait - Here For A Good Time - 2011, 320 kbps
George Strait - The Cowboy Rides Away (Live from AT&T Stadium) - 2014, MP3, 320 kbps

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