Texas Jim Lewis Standard Radio Transcriptions MP3/Flac

Sample song - A Year Of City Livin'(Jack Rivers-vocal)

Got a special treat today for you all from our pal Dennis Flannigan. Texas Jim Lewis Standard radio transcriptions. Recorded in about the late 40s to early 50s these recordings have vocals from the likes of Jack Rivers, Billy Lee, Dan Walsh, Judy Knight, Lloyd Worrell and of course Texas Jim himself. Also steel guitar accompaniment by steel master Tommy Sargent (sorry in advance about the skip in song "Draggin' The Steel").
There will be a total of 44 songs posted with the first 22 posted today.

Track Listing
1. (We're a Dancing) IN THE OLD RED BARN TONIGHT (Texas Jim Lewis) (2:13)
2. A PACKAGE OF LIES TIED IN BLUE (Billy Lee-v) (Texas Jim Lewis) (3:00)
3. A YEAR OF CITY LIVIN'(Jack Rivers-v) (Texas Jim Lewis) (2:07)
4. ALL I NEED IS SOME MORE LOVIN' (Texas Jim Lewis) (2:22)
5. AS SOON AS THE ROAD GETS BETTER (Texas Jim Lewis) (2:09)
6. BLUES STAY AWAY FROM ME (Trio-v) (Texas Jim Lewis) (2:17)
7. BROKEN HEART FOR SALE (Texas Jim Lewis) (2:06)
8. BUCKAROO AT EIGHTY-TWO (Dan Walsh-v) (Texas Jim Lewis) (1:54)
9. BUTTERFINGERS (Texas Jim Lewis) (2:08)
10. CHATTANOOGA SHOESHINE BOYS (Texas Jim Lewis) (2:24)
11. COWBOY'S PRAYER (Texas Jim Lewis) (2:05)
12. DRAGGIN' THE STEEL (Tommy Sargent-sg) (Texas Jim Lewis) (2:05)
13. I CAUGHT YOU WINKIN' (Texas Jim Lewis) (1:40)
14. I WANT TO LIVE AND LOVE (TJL & Billy Lee-v) (Texas Jim Lewis) (1:32)
15. IF I HAD MY DRUTHERS (Texas Jim Lewis) (1:41)
16. I'LL KEEP ON LOVING YOU (Jack Rivers-v) (Texas Jim Lewis) (2:28)
17. IT IS NO SECRET (Judy Knight & Jack Rivers-v) (Texas Jim Lewis) (1:44)
18. LEE KNIGHT'S HOP (Texas Jim Lewis) (1:30)
19. LOLELEI (Jack Rivers-v) (Texas Jim Lewis) (2:16)
20. LYIN' KISSES (Jack Rivers-v) (Texas Jim Lewis) (2:28)
21. MAYBE I'LL CRY OVER YOU (TJL & Jack Rivers-v) (Texas Jim Lewis) (3:35)

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