Orchestre Yanga-Yanga,PathГ© Marconi / EMI 1977 MP3/Flac


Dear groovers around the world, you've really got to help me out here.

I didn't manage to find out anything useful about this group and LP.

Beside a few names the backsleeve leaves us in the dark completely.

Dene Wade, Lutumba and Edia are the only names given behind

the tracknames. Of course we know Lutumba Simaro but is it him

the backsleeve speaks about ? Even Bolingo's fantastic discography

has no 2( C 064-15809 ) in it's listing. So, if you know 'anything' useful

on the topic, please leave us a comment, thanks. Listen.


1 Mayela 1

2 Mayela 2

3 Mokili mabaku 1

4 Mokili mabaku 2

5 Toyaka na mokili 1

6 Toyaka na mokili 2

7 Yoka olito 1

8 Yoka olito 2