Cockney Rejects - Out Of The Gutter (2003) MP3/Flac

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01 Out Of The Gutter

02 Nobody Knows

03 Beginning Of The End

04 It Still Means Something

05 Rock'n'Roll Dream

06 You Gotta Have It

07 Take It On The Chin

08 Calling The Shots

09 Collar Felt Blues

10 Shit Or Bust

11 Go Down Fighting

12 Grin And Bear It

13 Snide

The first brand new Cockney Rejects LP (not re-recordings of old hits!) in over ten years. Features the title track which was recently included on the hugely successful 'Addicted To Oi!' & 12 other fine slices of Oi! Rock...


Preview: Cockney Rejects - Out Of The Gutter: