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The Impressions were one of the most musical influences for Jamaican singers in the 60's, especially for vocal groups. Curtis Mayfield's falsetto was widely imitated by may of the island's singers like Pat Kelly, Slim Smith, Cornell Campbell and vocal groups like The Techniques, The Sensations, The Wailers and The Heptones.

Curtis Mayfield was born on the 3'rd of june 1942 in Chicago, Illinois, where he quickly absorbed the music of that area, which consisted of the local blues, gospel and soul musicians. He was leading his first group, The Alfatones , before he was a teenager.
When the Mayfield family moved to Chicago's north side in 1956, Curtis found himself a new friend in Jerry Butler. Butler wanted Curtis to join him in a group called The Roosters , which consisted of Arthur and Richard Brooks, and Sam Gooden. The quintet later changed their name to The Impressions , and they had their first hit in 1958, "For your precious love" . In 1961, Mayfield had moved to New York, the group cutted "Gypsy woman" which re-established the group, after some years of hard feelings between the members and the record company. Mayfield was now the groups lead singer, utilising his unique vocal style on several Impressions singles. A steady string of soul anthems followed, "I'm so proud", "Keep on Pushing", "People get ready", "We're a winner", "Mighty, mighty". The group had a strong gospel flavour in their sound, although it was'nt purely gospel. As Mayfield puts it, "They were church songs, the difference was i left the word God out."

Here are for you 15 songs of The Impressions plus 15 Jamaican cover versions.

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