Western Swing 78s mix #9 MP3/Flac

Sample Song: The Saddle Tramps - Away Out There

And here's another mix of 78s donated by our pals Hillbillywolf, Phantombopper, Jugman, and HighFalutin-Newton. With special thanks to blog "Give a dollar, make Bob Holler!" $ donations from:
Rolf Samuels
David Burket
John Daubenspeck
Callan Walker
Roberta Taron
David Watt
Charles Ackman
David Carr
Scott Houston
Neil Raymond
Kevin Muller
Kara Catherwood
Carleton Palmer

Track Listing
1. Darling, Do You Know Who Loves You (Fisher Hendley & his Aristocratic Pigs) (2:37)
2. It Makes No Difference Now (Fisher Hendley & his Aristocratic Pigs) (2:35)
3. Farther And Farther Apart (Happy Perryman & His Happy-Go-Lucky Mountaineers) (2:54)
4. Jealous Heart (Happy Perryman & His Happy-Go-Lucky Mountaineers) (2:37)
5. when the sun goes down (jesse rogers) (2:51)
6. Are You Tired Of Me Darling (Jimmie Davis & Buddy Jones) (2:32)
7. Red River Blues (Jimmie Davis & Buddy Jones) (2:35)
8. Baby You Gotta Quit That Noise (Johnny Bond & His Red River Valley Boys) (2:33)
9. Gotta Make Up For Lost Time (Johnny Bond & His Red River Valley Boys) (2:36)
10. You Brought Sorrow To My Heart (Johnny Bond & His Red River Valley Boys) (2:40)
11. Doin' It Right (Lew Preston & his Men Of the West) (2:38)
12. Some Glad Day (Lew Preston & his Men Of the West) (2:45)
13. Miss Vandy (Louisiana Ramblers) (2:38)
14. Underneath The Louisiana Moon (Louisiana Ramblers) (3:01)
15. I'm Hanging Up All My Work Clothes (Moon Mullican) (2:36)
16. No Stranger (Moon Mullican) (2:33)
17. Come On Boys We're Ridin' Into Town (Ray Whitley & his 6 Bar Cowboys) (2:37)
18. The Cowboy and the Lady (Ray Whitley & his 6 Bar Cowboys) (2:41)
19. I Want A Girl (Ross Rhythm Rascals) (2:42)
20. What's The Use (Ross Rhythm Rascals) (2:53)
21. Beyond The Shadow Of A Doubt (Ted Daffan & His Texans) (2:40)
22. Broken Vows (Ted Daffan & His Texans) (2:41)
23. Shut That Gate (Ted Daffan & His Texans) (2:56)
24. Hurry Johnny Hurry (The Buchanan Brothers) (3:02)
25. The Bottom Fell Out Of The Sky (The Buchanan Brothers) (2:40)
26. Away Out There (The Saddle Tramps) (2:44)
27. There's A Blue Sky Way Out Yonder (The Saddle Tramps) (2:44)

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