The Inforrmants - Crime Scene Queen MP3/Flac

Crime Scene Queen from The Informants, has a rich, flavorful 1950s style. Rock-a-billy, jump blues and swing the way they were meant to be done.alt The CD looks like an old vinyl record and the twelve tracks are divided into "Side A" and "Side B." Thankfully we don;t have to flip the disc over, but this is just one of the least important details that show you where, or really, when the band was aiming. The album was produced, mixed and mastered by Jeremy Lawton, one of the best studio guys in the region. Anchored by Kerry Pastine's sexy vocals, the whole band is so talented it almost hurts. Certainly one of the most talented acts in the region. There are eleven original tracks and one cover, "Please Mr. Jailer," by Wynona Carr, that fits right in the the originals. The title track "Crime Scene Queen" has just the right mix of excitement, in your face rebellion and cool. "Get Twisted" sounds just right for a sock hop. "Salvation" is a kind of gospel blues with a cool backing vocal chorus. "Marilon" has a cajun/New Orleans feel, probably due to the squeeze box. "Don't Talk Betty" rocks a little faster and is perfect for swing dancing. Overall, this album is a delightful blend of retro influences and top quality performances combined into a well produced package that everyone can enjoy.
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