Fiction: Loose Translation (2003) MP3/Flac

Fiction is a fusion band from Portland, Oregon, and sounds like Mahavishnu (indeed - pay attention to the violin... it's very cool!) crossed with instrumental Rush with a dash of King Crimson. Fiction was together from 1998 to 2003 with some line-up changes, though the core group of bassist, drummer and guitarist was consistent throughout that time. This is their only official CD. The drummer (me) has continued to make music in this vein with a band called Graxxus, though we have not yet released a CD with our present line-up, which is identical to the one below in terms of instrumentation. Check out our myspace page for full song samples, though. Listed here is the lineup that recorded Loose Translation and the compositional credits for each song. I’m glad someone out there likes what we were doing. (Brian Christopher).
01. Thought You Were Someone Else (6:59)
02. Under the Gunn (5:40)
03. Wu Li (6:41)
04. Loose Translation (6:46)
05. Leviathan (8:14)
06. Matantha (6:06)
07. Astrology (7:36)
08. Languidicity (6:10)
09. Vehicle (4:54)
10. Waxing Isometric (6:23)
11. Generations (8:06)
Ryan Thomas - electric basses, keyboards
Brian Christopher - drums, percussives
Kevin Ertel - electric & acoustic guitars
Brian Eliason - electric & acoustic violins
Bret Malmquist - additional electric guitars
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