Troubled Gardens- Eden Revisited 12'' MP3/Flac

Just found a sealed (!) copy of this killer 12'' for super cheap, so figured I'd share it for you all. I can't seem to find a ton of information about Troubled Gardens, but expect some bass-heavy and driving post-punk/coldwave sort of vibe here, hailing from the United States. Three of the songs here are vocal ragers, while the other three are more dub-inspired jams.

This 12'' was released in 1985 by Fountain of Youth records, home to bands like The Crippled Pilgrims, Government Issue, and The Velvet Monkeys. This is one of their final releases. Here's the information:

Troubled Gardens- Eden Revisited 12''
1. Voice Carryovers
2. Incredible Changing Dub
3. Silent Cry
4. Domination Dub
5. Hour Of The Sun
6. Spy Dub

*download it here*

REUPLOADED- track 1 should no longer be corrupt!