Compilation: Queens Of The Stone Age For Beginners MP3/Flac


over on my blogs...i'd been making compilations of bands that folks should already know about

it started with

then came
led zeppelin

and then

and then
the jesus lizard

so i figured this would be the best place to unleash the queens of the stone age version

and i recommend that you snag this up...even if you already have these songs...because if you don't...josh homme and i will show up at your house...and he'll do things to you in front of your friends...and i'll videotape it...and you'll never be able to live it down

1 - how to handle a rope
2 - leg of lamb
3 - everybody knows that you're insane
4 - a song for the dead
5 - avon
6 - quick and to the pointless
7 - infinity
8 - turning on the screw
9 - ode to clarissa
10 - make it wit chu

DL: queens of the stone age for beginners