Jazz in the Clouds . . . MP3/Flac

This lp represents the first of many collaborations between Karin Krog and John Surman. The two musicians had in common a love of the poetry of Paul Rowlands and decided to base this music on his works. Karin chose her favorites and she and John went into the studio and laid down these tracks. The music was recorded in 1976 with the help of Stu Martin on drums and Janet Cooke on piano and string ensemble. John is playing synthesizers, which are very prominent on this recording, bari and soprano saxophones, bass clarinet, piano and guitar, and of course Karin is the vocalist singing these poems. The release of this music was delayed 3 years by lack of funds. The mix-down finally occurred in 1979 and the music was released on the Polydor label in the West and on Poljazz in Eastern Europe. The Poljazz release is different from the Polydor issue in that only Karin's name appeared on the cover.

An acquaintance recently observed that "women are not particularly fond of listening to this album". So, if you happen to be a woman and are turned off by this music please leave a comment. I would like to know what it is about this recording that is offensive to women. Conversely, if you like this music, feel free to comment on that as well. This is experimental jazz, so an acquired taste. I am curious to know why 'women' in particular would be offended by this music which is the work of 2 WOMEN and 2 men . . .

Cloud Line Blue
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