Theta - Seeds of the Dream (2000) MP3/Flac


"Theta is a modern Japanese band that performs a kind of symphonic progressive rock worth of the Eighties masters Outer Limits and Teru's Symphonica, though a lot less pompous and with a touch of jazz. Some British folk influences are easy to notice even though, all fans of this genre can be reassured, the typical Japanese Symphonic style is still very present ! The use of Junko Minobe's lyrical violin (Who was also a member of Cinderella Search) owes a lot to Jean-Luc Ppnty. The vocals by Yoko Royama are excellent, both in English in which they remind of Annie Haslam and in her mother tongue, which is a lot less underplayed than with many of their compatriots. A pastoral flute gives the whole music a welcome touch of serenity." (Musea Records Review)

Basic information:
Origin: alt
Language: Japanese, English
Runtime: 50:10
Genre: Symphonic Prog Rock
Quality: 160 Kbps
Official website: NA

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