Patchy but occasionally insanely great disco absurdity with pronounced space disco tangents from this Jobriath-like character known for appearing onstage in a bird suit. This was sent to me by my old NY pal Tony a dog's age ago and I've mulled over the idea of posting it ever since, though the overt commercial angle of some of this dissuaded me before now. But then I listened to the cut La Trappola again last night and realized it'd be downright cruel to deprive kooks and aspiring hipsters the world over of such a mainline into the throbbing core essence of true blue cheese godhead. I'd be prepared to endorse this track from a hilltop with a megaphone if necessary. And I'm betting you will too, though It'll take the nasal equivalent of an enema to clear the phantom scent of amyl nitrate and sweat from your mental sensorium after a dip into this audio jacuzzi. And there is more of this sorta goodness strewn about elsewhere as on this thing as well, with Zero turning on some naked (and wonderful) Lucio Battisti emulation on "L'Ambulanza" and bursts of the most perfect synthetic Love Boat vibes imaginable on "Regina" for you aspiring Yacht Rockers with a hankering for deeper revelations.

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