Beau Brummels - Gentle Wanderin' Ways (1965-66) MP3/Flac

altFirst: What is a great song? No, what is THE great song? THE great song is a tune that you will never forget. OK, that can also happen with "Take me home, country roads". Now try this: THE great song speeds right into your veins, attacks your stomach and electrifies your whole body.

The Beau Brummels from San Francisco were responsible for two excellent folk-rock albums (Introducing/Vol. 2), a respected Country Rock platter from 1968 (Bradley's Barn) and their '67 masterpiece "Triangle". Sandwiched between their first and last two LP's was their major label debut "Beau Brummels 66". Actually the Brummels were in the midst of recording their third album for Autmun Records as the label called its day. They got a deal with Warner Bros. and the label forced them to do a covers-only LP. That leads to the aforementioned "Beau Brummels 66", a really poor offering compared to their abilities. However, the tapes of their intended release remained in the can until Sundazed released "Gentle Wanderin Ways" (Sundazed LP 5089 / 2001). It's a collection of demos and alternate takes, and if you have a little imagination then you know how the third album could really sound. Most of the tracks are previously unreleased but of a high standard. The only song that had a prior release is "Gentle Wanderin' Ways", published first on their '60s collection "Vol. 44". And if you ask me why I did waffle about THE great song, go and hear "Gentle Wanderin' Ways" and you know what I mean.

- She Sends Me
- This Is Love
- Friend of Mine
- Hey Love
- I Grow Old [Second Version]
- On the Road Again
- Till the Day
- Gentle Wandering Ways
- Let Me In
- Cry Some
- What Do You Want
- Find a Place
- Down on Me
- Stay with Me a While

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