More Calypsos by The Duke of Iron,Sounds of the Caribbean MP3/Flac




If we speak about calypso from Trinidad, I think the best material is

that from the late sixties. Quite hard to find are the albums on 'Sounds

of the Caribbean', such as this LP. The Duke of Iron is one of those

great artists from that era who really made a difference. Check them

naughty lyrics and you won't be able to get that grin of your face all day.

Sorry, I'm secretly peeping into your room, hГЁ hГЁ.


1 Miss Constance

2 Monkey calypso

3 Under cover man

4 One gone

5 Rye saly water

6 Samson and Delilah

7 Wide screen

8 Tie up me dress

9 The postman

10 Woman police

11 Coldest woman

12 Rock cum babe