Josky Kiambukuta le Sherrif, Ntesa Dalienst le Maquisarddans Medecin de Nuit / Saad,Editions Mali-Mak 1985 MP3/Flac


Hello Groovers, I have been too busy to keep up the normal pace but today I
finally found some time to post another LP. What do we have here ? From 1985

comes this fine album which contains two tracks sung by Josky Kiambukuta

and two by Ntesa Dalienst. No O.K. Jazz this time but a formation probably

just for this occasion. Another great piece of Congolese music to lighten up

your weekend. Mayika and Michelino show they know how to pull a string too.


1 Medecin de nuit ( Josky )

2 Ballon d'or ( Ntesa )

3 Saad ( Ntesa )

4 Kozanga... pasi eh ( Josky )